The Thinker–or Not

I’ve decided I’m not much of a thinker. I’m more of a talker. And a writer. What comes out of my keyboard or my mouth is mostly unfiltered, except for socially acceptable morés. I haven’t always thought through everything I’m saying or writing. That’s why I need other people around me. I work at my kids’ school with a couple of “thinkers.” I depend on them to come up with the stuff to which I say, “Oh, I never thought of that!” I have to make myself think sometimes. I sit still, waiting for quiet (which in a household with three kids, a dog and a cat, quiet doesn’t come very often), trying to come up with profound thoughts. Rarely happens. I’ve learned not to shoot off e-mails without rereading them or running them by someone else first. Phone conversations are hard for me, because there’s no taking back what I just said, which I hadn’t had time to think through. I work better with a script.

So, if I’m talking to you, and I say something you think is a little off–or a lot off–feel free to ask me, “Are you sure that’s what you really think?” I won’t be offended, I promise. At least I think I won’t be.


What do you think?

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