Learning to be a teacher

Just about a month ago, some changes at my kids’ school (www.traceacademy.org) shook things up. After just one week of school we lost a family that had committed to teaching, and so that left one of our classes without a teacher, and one of our very small classes even smaller as one of the kids in the departing family was in that class. After many, many hours of meetings, the board and management of the school decided to keep that tiny class intact, move one of its teachers to the vacated position, and try to find another teacher for our tiny second grade.

Well, after much prayer, I volunteered to teach those three second graders–one of whom is my daughter, Morgan. I figured, there’s only three of them, I have three kids myself, how hard could it be? 🙂

Now, a month into it, I feel OK. I’m not a teacher by gifting, but have come to the conclusion that God gives gifts for a season, and this just might be that season.

So, here I am, teaching second grade. I have a lot to learn. But I think it’s going well. I’m looking forward to getting them more into writing stuff and having fun brainstorming ideas for some of our upcoming units.

This is my class going ice skating on a field trip in our Olympics unit.

I have been letting my creative side take too much of a vacation the past several years–you could even say I’ve been a lazy mom. Let the teachers be the creative ones. At home they tend to just do their own thing instead of having some creative fun time. It’s good for them to use their own imaginations, but I could be  a little more involved. I’m hoping this job will help me tap that part of myself a little bit more.

Here's our class learning about shadows

The hardest part is the classroom management. There are so few of them, it’s easy to let them get away with talking or getting out of their seats. But I’m not doing them any favors letting them get away with that, because they’re not going to be allowed to do that as they go on.

To top things off, this week, my lead teacher’s mother passed away in Nebraska. She’ll be gone all next week, when we were supposed to be doing parent/teacher conferences. Oh well, God is in control. Conferences will be rescheduled, report cards will eventually come out, and we’ll work our way through this year. All with God’s help.


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