Change Can Be Good

At the Women of Faith conference I just attended, speaker Patsy Clairmont told us a story about her son Marty who was recently deathly ill. After he’d been in an induced coma for 20 days, his lead doctor wanted to move him to a different floor. Patsy was not thrilled with that decision, to say the least, but a thought came from the back of her head to the front: Change can be good. Long story short, the move to another floor put him in the care of a new set of doctors, one of whom started out changing Marty’s medication. That change saved Marty’s life.

Change can be good. That change certainly was. I’m wanting to make some changes, but am under no false illusions that this change will be easy. I want to back off a little from my stance that all work needs to be done first before one can play. I want to treasure every moment with my kids. I want to be second. Second to God. Second to my family. I want to do more than simply tell my kids I’m sorry when I do something wrong; I want to ask them to forgive me. I want to be more transparent, more proactive, more emotional (or at least show that emotion more). I want to be openhearted. That would be a change. I’ve had a wall around my heart for many years now. Breaking it down is not going to be easy.

But change can be good. In 1st Corinthians 5:17, Paul says, “17Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” That sounds like change to me. I became a new creature 34 years ago, you’d think you’d see change by now. That’s not exactly fair to myself, I guess. I have definitely changed. But not as much as I want to.

Sometimes change is a decision, sometimes it is forced upon us. Sometimes it is foreseen, sometimes it takes us by surprise. It takes us by surprise, but it doesn’t take God by surprise, thankfully.

Embrace the change. That’s what I want my theme to be. Embrace the change that’s in my life. Embrace the change God wants to make in me. Embrace the change, and let God embrace me.


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