Change is in the Air

Please watch this YouTube video about the power of words before continuing:

I was known as Stephanie Allan for 29 years. There was nothing wrong with that name. It didn’t offend anyone (at least I don’t think it did). It was easy to spell, though oftentimes misspelled. I never had any problems with it. But eventually, a really great guy asked me to be his wife, and at the age of 29.25, I changed my name. It hasn’t made me a different person, except that now I am committed to my husband for the rest of my days (something that’s generally considered to be a good thing).

Because I’m married, people might even assume a level of responsibility and consistency and commitment I didn’t have before. I still have my history, people still recognize me when they see me, I still have the same values I had before I was married, while I was still Stephanie Allan. Only now, I am Stephanie Reeves, with all the rights and privileges bearing that name brings.

After 60 years, Campus Crusade for Christ is changing its name. Beginning in early 2012, we will be known in the United States as “Cru.”

That doesn’t mean anything else about us has changed. We are still passionate about connecting people to Jesus. But we’re so much more than a campus ministry, and have been for many, many years.

You may encounter people who say that we’ve given in to political correctness because we’ve dropped “Christ” from our name. Not so. Here’s a blog post from another staff member who addressed that issue well: Claire’s Ministry

When I dropped “Allan” from my name and became a Reeves, did it mean that I was disowning my family? Did it mean that I no longer wanted to be associated with those people who gave me birth or my siblings with whom I was raised? Generally, people would see those questions as silly. Just as silly is the idea that, because Campus Crusade for Christ is changing to “Cru,” that means that we’re trying to forget everything that has gone on in our history, and that we’ll be watering down the gospel; essentially becoming different people with different values and a different vision. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Please click here to read the press release from our ministry: new name

The director of the JESUS Film Master Studio, Kary, decided to do a word search on Google Translate to see what he could learn about the meaning of the word “Cru.” This is what he said:

Using Google Translate, I checked 63 languages using “cru” as the source and English as the result. Here’s what I found:
In 57 languages it means nothing; however…
Afrikaans: rough
Dutch & Catalan: crude
Portuguese: raw
Latin: cruel
Irish: horseshoe ☺
Today I was informed that in astronomy, CRU was an abbreviation for “crux,” for the Southern Cross. Crux is Latin for “cross.” Then I got to thinking, the root word for “Crusade” is “cross” as cruz is also Spanish for “cross.” The cross was rough, crude, raw and cruel. The cross is part of our new logo. It’s a central part of our identity as a movement. It’s the perfect new name for us.

I’m listing below several links to articles or blogs about our name change. Please take the time to read them. It won’t take long. We’d love to hear from you if you have concerns. Meanwhile, be assured that we still have the same passion for bringing the gospel to all the nations of the earth, and to building up believers in their faith.

Assume the Best
Christianity Today
Huffington Post
Shawn McGrath


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