Dirty Dishes

Does life sometimes get overwhelming? Is it because God has given us more than we can handle? I’d like to think it was His fault rather than mine, but since I believe the Bible is true, that can’t be the case because the Bible says He won’t give us more than we can handle.

So when, on top of everything else, I’m commanded to be holy as God is holy, and purify my mind and be worthy of my calling, I can feel overwhelmed. I just want to get the kitchen cleaned, for crying out loud, how am I then also supposed to cleanse my heart?

Just do the next thing. Spend time in His Word. Take time to worship. Stay in fellowship with other believers. Confess my sins not only to God, but to a close friend who can help build me up in my faith.  

Letting the dishes pile up in the sink doesn’t move me toward my goal of a clean kitchen. I have to take one plate at a time and deal with it. Letting the spiritual dishes pile up in my soul doesn’t move me toward godliness either. Get moving. One dish at a time.


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