Heaven on Earth

I don’t get many free days when I have absolutely nothing scheduled. I LOVE those days. Last Friday was one. The grocery shopping was done, the grading of papers was done. I didn’t even have to think about making dinner because I was going out on a date with my middle child and dinner was my husband’s responsibility.

So what was I going to do with my 5 free hours? Read a book? Watch a movie? Go shopping and spend my birthday gift cards? No. I decided to clean the house.

I don’t like to clean the house, but with three kids, a big dog, a cat, a husband and a mother in law living here (not that the last two are very messy, mind you), the task was long overdue.

So after everyone left the house for the day, I tuned our new Blu-Ray player to stream a Pandora worship station through our stereo, cranked it up, got out the vacuum cleaner and the dust rag and had a great time jamming to tunes lifting up the name of Jesus while clearing out the layers of dust that had accumulated since I had put away the Christmas stuff three weeks before. It hardly seemed like work.

God inhabits the praises of His people. Worship lifts my heart and renews my soul. When the kids got home, I wasn’t tired and grumpy from having been cleaning all morning, I was rested, refreshed and cheerful.

Oh, how I long for heaven, when worship will be our native tongue. Amen. Come quickly Lord Jesus.


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