Clinging to this World

I’m not gonna lie, I love chocolate. Dove dark is probably my favorite, but dark chocolate M&Ms come in a close second just for the snack factor. And ham. I love ham, too. And artichokes. I won’t pay $2.50 for one here in Florida, but when they get closer to $1, I snatch them up.

And baseball, I love to watch baseball. And horses. Morgan is about to start riding lessons, and I really want to do it, too.

There’s so much that I love in this world. Beautiful sunsets (I’m not much of a sunrise person); cute, fluffy kittens; puppies that chew on everything; lasagna. The list could go on and on.

I remember hoping that Jesus wouldn’t come back before I got married and had children. I really wanted to experience that. How silly. No matter how much I enjoy the things God has given me here, Heaven is going to be so much better than this.

10. chocolate 🙂

11. my dog snoring in the corner

12. movies that make me cry


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