Football Season is Over

It’s Sunday afternoon and there are no football games on. What ever am I supposed to do with myself? Baseball season doesn’t start yet, and I don’t watch basketball or hockey. I’m in a sports void. It’s only 53 outside: much too chilly for this native Californian. So I’m going to stay inside, maybe watch a movie, finish writing the lesson plan for this week, and maybe even take a nap, although it might be too late for that. Kids are all playing on their ipods (oops, text the youngest to find out if she actually finished that homework that’s due tomorrow–dont’ want to have to yell across the house, you know). I don’t have to make dinner because we had a potluck at church. That’s the policy: church potluck? No making dinner on Sunday evenings. That laundry can wait another day, right? It’s Sunday.

It’s a good day.

16. church potluck lunches

17. warm slippers

18. an unscheduled afternoon


One thought on “Football Season is Over

  1. Beginning in the eighties, Sunday was my day off, and it became my “Sabbath Rest,” defying the tradition of Sunday Dinner that I was raised with in Texas. Thus, it was DYOT (Do Your Own Thing) which meant left-overs or sammiches for every one. Now when I am in the mood to cook something on Sunday, it confounds my husband.”Whatever happened to do-your-own- thing”? Not only am I retired, but it is usually just the two of us empty-nesters, and sometimes I just want to cook something as a part of my relaxation. I still fully appreciate that “the Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath”. Enjoy your grace-rest on Sunday, and more power to you!!

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