Who Are You Meant To Be?

I’ve known I wanted to be a writer since 7th grade. And once I became a follower of Jesus, I knew I wanted my writing to help connect people with God. When I learned in college that Campus Crusade had a magazine, I thought that would be a great opportunity to meld my two desires: write and connect people with God.

And then I had kids. My writing has taken a back seat. I know many people do it, but I have had a hard time finding the time, energy and brain power to put words to paper, so to speak. Several years ago I wrote a purpose statement for my life. My goal in doing so was to have a tool by which I could prioritize my activities and the requests that come to me. If it doesn’t fit in my purpose statement, I feel more freedom to say no. Here it is:
To raise godly children in community with other believers; to enable others to communicate professionally and clearly by using my writing and editing skills; to support my husband in a way that makes him feel empowered and loved; and to glorify God and enjoy Him forever in the process.As I think about the desire I have to connect people with God, I think I need to tweak that just a little. But basically it says what I want it to.Before I was born, God had a plan for me, a destiny. It would be nice to know that my destiny, my purpose in life, has had an influence on others. Everyone wants to matter in this world.

What is your destiny?

Thankful today for:
19. people who know what they’re talking about
20. that my husband is good at math and science
21. my MacBook Pro

What do you think?

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