New Members of Our Menagerie

Yesterday, Morgan and I added two more members to our family: hermit crabs! Morgan had expressed an interest in getting one, and would be paying with her own money, so I agreed (Dad simply acquiesced). I put it out on Facebook for a crabitat and a friend came through with a 10-gallon aquarium, food, extra shells and a lot of good advice. She has 8 of the little guys herself. So with the purchase of sand, we were in business to buy crabs.

So yesterday afternoon, we all (minus Dad and Grandma) trooped down to our local Petland and, after a detour to pet puppies, Morgan acquired a crab (and I had to get one, too, just so the poor little guy wouldn’t be alone. “Hermit” is a misnomer, don’t you know.)

Morgan with "Charlotte" and "Titan"

So now we’re a family of Grandma, Mom and Dad, two brothers, one sister, one dog, one cat, 8 fish and 2 Ecuadorian hermit crabs.

Taking care of animals seems like it might be an easy task, but taking care of them properly is quite another proposition. That’s why I’m so glad to have people to whom I can direct questions. My friend Tiffaney is my fish expert. She’s helped me many times as I tried to get our fish tank in order. Check the water chemistry. Don’t put too many fish in the tank. Don’t feed them too much. Don’t buy them from a big box store.

Now Robin is our hermit crab whisperer. She directed me to websites and is always willing to answer any question. Keep the humidity between 70 and 80%. Feed them people food from an approved list. They don’t like to be alone, so get them a companion.

People who know what they’re talking about are very helpful and should be listend to.

This is Berkeley (on the right) with his favorite neighborhood friend, Sebastian

We have friends who recently adopted a yellow lab puppy. I have gladly and willingly shared my experience with them as we have already navigated the waters of dog ownership–and big dog ownership at that. Use treats to teach. Let her know who’s in charge. Get her socialized as soon as you can. We’re anxiously awaiting the day Berkeley and Zoey get to meet.

That’s what Paul was telling Timothy in his second letter: And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.”

Learning ourselves, and then teaching others. That’s a beautiful thing.

And let's not forget Oreo in all this

And the fish







Thankful today for:
45. chocolate and peanut butter

46. a soft kitty

47. new pets


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