God is Not a GPS

Recently, on a marquee outside a church, I saw written, “Let God be your GPS.”

Let’s break that down: With the GPS app on my iPhone, I tell it where I want to go, and it tells me how to get there. Or I ask it to tell me where I might find a certain type of business, and it gives me suggestions. I then can choose to which one I want to go. It will give me a suggested route, tell me how far it is and how long it will take me to get there, and then give me step by step vocal guidance of how to get where we’re going.

That doesn’t sound anything like God to me.

I would liken Him more to a magical treasure map that only reveals your next step when you have taken the one before. You hold it firmly, making sure the winds of doubt don’t blow it away. You keep your eye constantly on it so as to not lose your way.

This magical treasure map also shows you beauty unimaginable, gives you relationships inconceivable without it, and constantly sings you a love song in the most incredible voice you have ever heard.

And the treasure you find at the end of your road has, in large part, been the journey it took you to get there.

Thankful today for:
99. More light at the end of the day
100. A chance to help lead our congregation in worship
101. One more day of the weekend


One thought on “God is Not a GPS

  1. I agree! God is much more then a way through life! He is our savore, portector, creator, and our heavenly father: the god of peace:)

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