Hidden Poison, Surprising Fruit

I poisoned my eldest son this morning.

I didn’t mean to. But my choice caused him much discomfort, and if it hadn’t been for a quick ingestion of Benadryl, it could have been much worse.

What I thought was a treat, turned into torture as I chose to have his smoothie made with the protein blast instead of the immunity blast it normally comes with, unaware that the protein blast contains whey protein. 

My son is severely allergic to all milk products.

You would think, after 15 years, that I’d know better than to just trust a clerk who says, “Yeah, it’s supposed to be OK.” As we drove home, Justin taking deep breaths and trying to remain calm as his body rebelled against the evil substance, I flashed back to the rush to the hospital he and I had made 15 years ago, when he was just 6 months old and had ingested cow’s milk for the first time. Praise God he never stopped breathing. Now, Benadryl is nearly always at hand.

It’s like that hidden sin that can so easily entangle us. What we think is just an innocent brush with something–just one drink, just one visit to a pornographic website, just one small lie to my spouse about where I was and who I was with–can turn into something much bigger, and even life threatening. Sometimes we don’t even see it coming.

Then there was yesterday. After throwing the ball in the yard for the dog to chase, my mother-in-law came in an announced, “We have a tomato plant in our yard!”

What? How could that be possible since we never planted a tomato plant or seed?

But sure enough, there was this thriving plant, with set fruit on it already, living between ixora bushes, right next to our screen enclosure. What a surprising blessing. Don’t know where it came from, but we will enjoy its fruits.

Sometimes God grows us in ways that are surprising, too. We see the fruit of it in our lives. I like the line from “Evan Almighty.” God is speaking to Evan’s wife, who has taken their boys and headed to her mom’s as she thinks Evan has gone over the edge building this ark thing. God says to her, “Do you think when you pray for patience, that God gives you patience? Or does He give you opportunities to be patient?”

Have you prayed for kindness and wanted God just to make you more kind, and instead He’s given you opportunities to be kind? To love better? To be more peaceful? Gentle? Self-controlled? All fruit of the Spirit. We might not see it for awhile, but like our little tomato plant, one day we all of a sudden realize, we have been bearing good fruit.

Hidden poison, surprising fruit. Both show up in our lives consistently. If we can manage to avoid the one, and thus stay alive in our spirits, then we can live to see the other, and bless people with the results of our growth.

Thankful today for:

117. Benadryl

118. surprise parties

119. speaker phones


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