Losing God

Have you ever lost a child, even for a few moments? It’s terrifying. When Nathan was just a couple of years old, we had annual passes to Sea World. We went there one day with a friend and her kids while her husband was out of town.

After one of the shows, my friend and I took some of the kids to the restroom while David stayed behind with Nathan and maybe one other child. Before long, David comes running to the restrooms area wheeling one of the kids in a stroller, hands me the stroller and runs back yelling over his shoulder, “I’ve lost Nathan!”

20120320-141202.jpgImmediately, panic set in. I had to wait for just a minute for my friend to exit the restroom, and then I rushed back to where we had been. By the time I got there, David already had Nathan in hand. The relief was like a flood washing over my heart.

It took just one distracted moment for Nathan to wander away from his dad, back to where he had been happily playing in the mulch, causing the people nearby to wonder to whom this child belonged. When Dad showed up, Nathan wasn’t worried: He never knew he was lost.

It takes just one distracted moment for us to look around and realize that we have lost track of God. But, unlike losing Nathan, God wasn’t the one who wandered.

We were.

126. An abundant choice of foods, even if I don’t know what to make for dinner
127. Breeze
128. Spring break after a busy week

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