Going Out on a Broken Limb

I was listening to a conversation between my husband and his mom tonight as she continues to try to figure out why she fell so hard to the colds that were running around our house, and why it’s taking her so long to get her strength back. Her bottom line? She went  out on a limb, going beyond what God had called her to do, and that limb broke beneath her.

If we feel overwhelmed, it’s not because God made us so; it’s because we’re not giving Him the burden, or it’s because, like my mother-in-law, we’ve taken on things we had no business taking on.

“Oh, but I love doing things for other people!” You might say. And doing things for other people is a good thing. But there are a lot of people out there who need things done for them. Does that mean you have to do it all?

“But God has given me the gift of (fill in the blank),” you might say. “I’m not fully using the gift He gave me if I don’t do (fill in the blank).”

But, but, but. We can always come up with good reasons to do the good things that we do. My mother-in-law is a piano teacher. Teaching kids how to make music is certainly not a bad thing. Nobody would say it was.

Bottom line, though, is that it was for freedom that Christ set us free (Galatians 5:1); not for slavery to “good deeds.” He sets the boundaries, He makes the calls, He directs our steps. We’ve got to ask Him what He wants and then listen to the response. If we don’t, we risk burnout.

Just ask my mother-in-law. She’s knows how that feels. And it doesn’t feel very good.

Thankful today for:

148. the beach

149. aloe

150. ibuprofen


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