I Second That Emoticon

I have a friend who has three boys. They’re grown now, but when they were younger, she described a time when she was trying to get all of her men to be able to share their feelings. After a few minutes, one of her boys piped up: “Well, I feel hungry.”

Don’t you wish there was an emoticon for everything we feel, even if we can’t describe it ourselves? I’ve been having fun with the new emoji keyboard I added to my iPhone, adding fun symbols to my texts and emails. This is what I think God’s emoticon would look like when He thinks of us:


Thankful today for:

151. my brothers- and sisters-in-law

152. my nieces and nephews

153. new babies

154. upcoming weddings

155. the really, truly official start of baseball season

156. improvement in my injured elbow (don’t ask)


What do you think?

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