Five Lessons From Hermit Crabs

Having recently added hermit crabs to our household menagerie, I’ve learned a few things about life from them. Here they are:

1. Just because I burrow under and keep to myself for a season, it doesn’t mean I’m depressed or sad or anything of the sort. It just means I need some time to myself.

2. Molting requires a feeling of safety. If I’m not comfortable with you, I will not be shedding my “skin” (it’s actually an exoskeleton in a crab). That takes way too much vulnerability.

3. You can’t judge me by my name. Hermits have a reputation of wanting to be left alone, but hermit crabs actually like the company of  other crabs. Just because I call myself a Californian, or a mom, or a wife, or a writer, or a Christian, you can’t let your preconceived notions color who you think I am. Get to know me, why don’t you?

4. Sometimes I make a mess of things, but that’s just the way I am. I don’t mean any harm.

5. If you see me hanging on for dear life, don’t just stand there, have the trampoline ready! But don’t try to rescue me; sometimes I get in tight spots just to see what will happen. That’s a faith adventure!

Thankful today for:

194. sleeping in my own bed

195. a no-homework week

196. hand lotion

197. caffeine free diet Dr. Pepper

198. talented photographers

199. creative friends

200. my back porch

201. text messaging

202. ministry partners

203. time

What do you think?

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