500 Hats

Bartholomew Cubbins has nothing on me.

You remember the story:  a poor boy was accused of not taking off his hat as the king went by. Highly offended, the king demanded that Bartholomew remove his hat. Thing was, Bartholomew thought he had. He reached up to his head, and lo and behold, there was a hat there. Bemused, he took the hat off again, and bowed to the king. What’s this? His hat was still on his head! Taken away to the castle to be disciplined for his insolence, Bartholomew kept taking off hats only to find more hats appearing each one the same as the next.

Nobody could figure out what was going on, least of all Bartholomew. But those hats saved him from having his head chopped off, because the executioner could not, by rule, cut off any head with a hat still atop.  Finally it was decided that he would be taken to the highest tower, and pushed to his death by the spoiled Grand Duke, son of the king. But when he stepped through the stairwell onto the roof, this is what happened:

“But when Bartholomew stepped up on the wall, they gasped in amazement. He was wearing the most beautiful hat that had ever been seen in the Kingdom of Didd. It had a ruby larger than any the King himself had ever owned. It had ostrich plumes, and cockatoo plumes, and mockingbird plumes, and paradise plumes. Beside such a hat even the King’s Crown seemed like nothing.” (The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, by Dr. Seuss.)

Sometimes I feel like young Barty. I’m ready to take off the hat I’m wearing–mom, wife, teacher, copy editor–only to find that I’ve got another one waiting underneath it: friend, sister, daughter-in-law, employee. The list is endless, just like Barty’s hats.

Those hats often leave me exhausted, feeling like I’m facing the executioner, not meaning to be trying to do things on my own, but somehow ending up that way.

But on my way to being pushed off the parapet by life itself, I reach back for one more hat; the most glorious one, the one that will save my life: Daughter of the King. Ah. Rest for my soul.

Isn’t it a beautiful thing?

Thankful today for:

243. my position in Christ

244. convenient grocery stores

245. the Starbucks gift cards I still have left from my birthday

246. sunshine

247. my husband being home

248. haircut day


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