What Yard Work Taught Me About Sin

If you don’t have borders, even good things can turn bad.

Sin is attractive sometimes. Knowing the roots and fruit are essential to telling the difference between the real beauty and the junk.

If you try to root out all the sin in one day, you’ll get discouraged and never want to tackle it again.

Sometimes you find sin in unexpected places, even in the middle of something that’s good.

Work with another person to control the sin in your life–it’s so much more fun.

It doesn’t work to just cover up sin, the roots are still there and eventually, the truth will come out.

Some roots go a lot deeper than you think, and sometimes you just need professional help.

Sin never, ever totally goes away. We are never free from it and it’s a constant battle to keep it at bay.

Life is messy and hard and it hurts, but it’s worth it for the beauty in the end.




Thankful today for:

345. Flowers

346. the first full day of summer break

347. photographs



4 thoughts on “What Yard Work Taught Me About Sin

  1. Simple, yet profound, observations. Kudos. And I just thought you were out there sweating in the rose bed, when you were actually ruminating!

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