Man Can Make His Plans

So, we have all these great plans in place for our summer odyssey across the United States. The impetus is seeing my 94-year-old great aunt in California while we still can. Then my niece decided to get married in July in Washington state. So, while we’re in the area, we decided to head on up there for that great event. Then, since we were up there, we decided to head home via the northern route to see some friends we hadn’t seen in a really long time because they live in faraway states. We threw in some national parks (The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore) and the San Diego Zoo, while we also “in the area.” (That’s one BIG area, I’m thinkin’.) David determined it was something like 8,000 miles. But Justin will be heading off to college in just a few years, so we figure this might be our last chance to take a family trip like this. It’s all about making memories.

It’s exciting. It’s exhausting. It’s fun. And we pray it all goes smoothly. (Look for my blog posts along the way.)

There’s a statement I’ve heard that always amuses me: Man makes his plans, and God laughs.

The Bible says it another way: “In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps” (Proverbs 16:9).

We leave in 12 days. I can hear God’s chuckle now.

Thankful today for:

384. a nice van

385. Berkeley being beyond the puppy stage

386. chick flicks with friends

387. prescription sunglasses

388. a cooler June so far

389. the grocery shopping being done

390. breakfast

391. coupons

392. rootbeer


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