Parrots Are People Too

We’ve been Sun Conure parrot sitting this weekend, test driving a friend’s bird to see if we might become her new family. She has beautiful bright orange, red, yellow and green plumage. She makes cute, quiet clucking sounds and other pleasant noises. That is until something disturbs her. Then an extremely loud and shrill squawk comes out of that pretty face. The disturbance might be that she’s hungry, or someone just walked into the room. Or out of the room. Or a car just drove by on the street outside. Who knows. But that sound, especially right next to our ears, is making us all a little crazy.

So, much as we’d like to help out our friend, we will be returning Baby (whom we’re calling Mango while she’s with us) at the end of the weekend.

But it’s not just for the squawking: we have a cat who has had to be sequestered nearly the whole time Mango’s been here because the bird squawks loudly when she’s not with us, and if she’s free range in the house, the cat is a definite hazard. And then she poops wherever she wants. That gets old pretty quickly. Does she have a sweet personality? She can. Would the cat like to find out how she tastes? Probably. Is she a little high-maintenance? Yes, if you want her to be quieter.

I’m thinking a cat-free home is the one for her.

Amazingly, the dog learned very quickly not to react when she flies overhead.

But, this experience has shown us that we would like to pursue getting a different kind of bird. Maybe one that is happy in its cage as well as out among us. And who has only pleasant things to say.

That reminds me of a verse:

“It is better to live in a corner of a roof than in a house shared with a contentious woman” (Proverbs 21:9).

A pleasant personality makes for a happier home than does all the glamour in the world. Mango is beautiful to look at, but don’t give her what she wants and she lets you know. Loudly.

Sound like anyone you know?

Thankful today for:

532. beauty

533. my sweet, obedient dog

534. fast forward

535. good friends moving back home

536. modern medicine

537. youth leaders

538. our location

539. the ability to help

540. red nail polish

541. time to read

542. sleep

543. articulate people



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