Have you ever been out running errands or coming back from an appointment and been so hungry that every fast food place just beckons you like the sirens of myth. The smells of fried chicken wafting through the air vents is enough to cause the most staunch health enthusiasts to break their vows if they are ravenous enough. I usually manage to avoid the temptation because I’m so frugal with such things (but I’ll lay down $200 for an iPad if the chance comes my way–penny wise and pound foolish, I think they call it, but that’s another subject).

When I’m at home and have been so busy that I simply haven’t taken the time to eat, that feeling of desperate hunger causes me to plunder my pantry for whatever is available to fix it. Problem is, it’s only temporary. Without the proper nutrition attached, my “remedy” only lasts a short while, if it satisfies at all. If I would take the time to fix something proper and nutritious, I would be content.

I often try to fill my life with things that will only bring temporary satisfaction instead of long-term contentment. In the end, only God will satisfy. When our souls, like our stomachs, are empty, plundering the pantry of activities or relationships will not fill that void. Only dining at the feast God provides with His presence will give us the nourishment we need.

This song says it well. Enjoy.


Thankful today for:
591. Saturday
592. New babies coming
593. A hint of coolness in the morning air
594. life


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