Tears for Strangers

Newtown mapI’m praying and weeping for people I don’t even know, in a town I’ve never heard of, in a place I’ve never been.

People all around the country are in shock after the senseless, savage killing of more than 20 kids and adults in Newtown, Conn., this morning. It’s unimaginable how someone could commit such an horrific act of violence against anyone, let alone children. Kindergarten children. And his own mother. We know nothing of this young man’s background yet, but boy is it hard not to judge him.

At this point, I don’t feel as if the details are important. It’s sad enough just to know that several adults, including the shooter’s mother, and as many as 20 children 10 years old and younger died today in this rampage. My daughter is 10. She’s in the 4th grade. If we lived in Newtown, Conn., she would have been at that school today. While the parents of the survivors hold their children a little tighter tonight, there are 20 families whose arms are empty. It just breaks my heart.

11 days before Christmas. Presents are purchased, wrapped and placed under the tree. There is great anticipation amongst the children in every home that celebrates the birth of Jesus. Within a moment, a phone call, a rumor, sirens blaring down the road, and your life changes forever.

It’s a sad day. May the God of peace that surpasses understanding guard the hearts and minds of the families. Makes me never want to let my children out of my sight.

Thankful today for:

690. light in the darkness

691. happy singing

692. advent

693. light timers

694. turkey soup

695. the safety of my children

696. our Christmas tree

697. brightly wrapped gifts

698. the manger

699. an upcoming two-week break

700. birthdays

701. the absence of tragedy in my own life

702. community

703. first responders

704. the kindness of strangers

705. fun all-school field trips

706. God’s mercy

707. egg nog

708. being a stay-at-home mom

709. Christmas cards from far-away friends.


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