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Today, I have a guest post by my friend Gordana. Gordana was born in a country in Eastern Europe that doesn’t exist anymore. It represented a cultural, political and spiritual crossroad between the eastern and western worlds.  Raised as an avid, self-reliant atheist, she met Christ while in college. A few years later, she met her husband and, after a whirlwind romance, got married and moved to the U.S.. They now live in Orlando, Fla.,  with their two children and guinea pig, Guinny. You can find more of her writings at Second Cup of Coffee ( 

windmillMom, can cars be powered by magma fuel?

We were walking to school, and a stream of cars was passing us by, when my endlessly inquisitive son started the barrage of not-so-out-of-his-character series of outlandish questions.

No, cars can’t be powered by magma fuel. I responded tiredly.

What about the geyser – can they be powered by geyser energy?

No, cars can’t be powered by geyser energy.

What about…?

Before he could continue, I interrupted and launched into a weary sermon on the nature of the obvious.

Cars can’t be powered by magma fuel. And they can’t be powered by geyser energy. And any other energy except what they are designed for. Cars must use the kind of energy they are designed to be powered by. Some are made to use fossil fuels. If diesel, you must use diesel. If gasoline, you need to use appropriate grade. If it’s an electric car, it uses electricity. You must use the right kind of energy as its source of power. Anything different can ruin the engine…

Suddenly I paused. We’d had a rough morning, and all our attempts to resolve the ever-increasing tension seemed to create more frustration which in turn added more tension. I was drained and the day had not even started.

… And God’s children, I continued, lowering my voice to a near whisper as my lungs were filling with fresh air, God’s children are designed to be powered by God’s Spirit. Trying to get power from any other source is both ineffective and can ruin their engine… God’s children must get their power from God’s Spirit…

“‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ says the LORD of hosts” (Zechariah 4:6).



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