Happy Dependence Day

in·de·pend·ence [in-di-pen-duhns]

Noun; freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.

american-flagToday we celebrate Independence Day. It’s an important day in our nation, of course, because it signifies that we won our freedom, at great cost, from another nation that was subjecting us to laws to which we did not want to be subject. Nobody denies our right to our independence. No one  denies us the right to be a sovereign nation.

For a country, independence is desired, sought after, fought for.

For people who need a Savior, it’s not such a good thing.

Think about it. Look at the definition above. Do we want to be free from the control, influence, support, aid or the like of the Holy Spirit? Our country said to England, “We don’t want you to control us anymore!” But if we were to tell our sovereign God that we don’t want His influence or support in our life, we would fall apart.

One of the pastors at my church prayed something one time that I have never forgotten. He said this: “If You took Your eyes off of us, we would be undone.”

Happy Independence Day, America!

Happy dependence day for me. And may it be so for the rest of my life.


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