Tandem Living


I have limited Internet access this week as my husband and I are in Colorado at a conference for the ministry with which we work. While we’re here, he and I are getting around on a tandem bicycle. We own our own tandem, so this isn’t new territory for us, but this experience has got me thinking about how much tandem biking parallels marriage. When I get back home with full Internet access, I will be writing a series of posts on this subject.

A little taste of what you’ll be seeing: how tandem biking–and marriage–require that you’re traveling in the same direction; how tandem biking–and marriage–require the stoker to let go of being in control; how tandem biking–and marriage–require the captain to communicate well; and more!

So, stay tuned. I’m looking forward to sharing these thoughts with you in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, greetings from Colorado!

One thought on “Tandem Living

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