To Not Know But Be Known

This post is a part of the Five Minute Friday link up. We write for just 5 minutes on a one-word prompt without heavy editing and see what happens. Today’s prompt is “unknown.”

It seems that we humans like to have things explained. We want to know the why of things. I recently lost one of my beautiful koi to unknown causes. I just went out one morning to the small pond in my front yard, and the water level was extremely low, and one of the two remaining koi I have was dead.


There didn’t appear to be any reason whatsoever.

My husband has had ulcerative colitis for almost 30 years. They don’t know why. The origin is unknown.

I have another friend who collapsed one morning and was taken to the ER. They have no idea why it happened.

It’s very frustrating to be on the questioning end of the unknown. No amount of researching or exploring seems to be able to answer our questions.

It’s frustrating with the sudden death of animals, and it’s frustrating with medical situations. We don’t like to settle for not knowing, but sometimes, we just have to. But thanks be to God, we can also accept being completely known by Him.

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4 thoughts on “To Not Know But Be Known

  1. I’m sorry for your troubles, Steph. We lost two dogs to old age over the weekend, my wife’s Da passed away last month, and her best friends are moving away. It’s hard.

    This is for you. I hope it brings some small measure of comfort.

    Sometimes our heads are in our hands
    as we wonder, Why, God, why?
    Friends decamp for distant lands,
    and we can but wave goodbye.
    Illness will take whom it will,
    and there’s naught that we can do;
    death now comes in for the kill,
    and Lord, we turn to You.
    Some preachers claim that how we pray
    is simply not efficient;
    but in this don’t they also say
    that Your grace in insufficient?
    Still I recall Christ’s martyrdom,
    for only thus, Thy kingdom come.

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