You Have Permission to Breathe

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Last weekend I went on a short getaway with a group of friends. I didn’t leave behind any meals, I didn’t leave any instructions for the care of any of the pets or the house or chores or anything. I packed my car, picked up one of the ladies, and off we went with the top down in my convertible Mustang.

And it was glorious.

The 7 of us, more of us friends for more than 20 years, had never done a girls weekend before. Though we “talk” through Messenger several times a day, and most of us get together weekly to pray with others for our kids, we had never had a time that was just about us.

We rented an Airbnb, ate good food planned and prepared by the one who most enjoys doing that, did a fun craft together, laughed, talked, kayaked on the lake, got very little sleep, and watched the rain.

What we didn’t do was feel guilty about being away. I got a few texts from my husband about some issues with our pool; I texted my daughter once asking what she ended up making for dinner, and she reprimanded me by telling me to go be with my friends. Which I was. I just wanted to connect for a moment I guess.

It was a pleasure. And it was a privilege I know not everyone can afford. And it was a necessity. We actually physically needed to be together. To reconnect in person. So little of that had been done in the pandemic year.

Jesus gives you permission to breathe. “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls” (Matthew 11:28-29, ESV).

18 thoughts on “You Have Permission to Breathe

  1. Come to Me, all ye weary,
    come put Me to the test,
    come, now, see Me clearly,
    and I will give you rest.
    Come lay down all your burdens,
    and let Me bear them on,
    and in your faith be certain
    that I never will be gone,
    for I have died in love for you,
    and rose again to save,
    to show that there’s a safe way through
    your dying and the grave,
    and we’ll go to My Father’s land
    together, walking hand in hand.

  2. Sounds glorious indeed!! I also have a group of online friends like that – we have dreamed for years about getting together for a weekend, and I hope we can make it happen. I love that your daughter reminded you to be with your friends. 🙂

    Visiting from FMF#25

    • Luckily we all live within 10 minutes of each other and attend the same church, so we do actually see each other in person. It’s just hard for everyone to actually be free at the same time!

  3. What a sweet treat! I used to do something similar – but it has been a while. Something I need to look into again……

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