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Partnership with God

I’m a tree hugger, I admit it. Born and raised in California, I saw recycling as a normal way of life and conservation as necessity.

I don’t like guns (and now I have a son wanting to go into the military, which I heartily support, and who is making guns a hobby, which I am forced to tolerate at this point.).

I hate sport hunting with a passion–but I’m not a vegetarian. I have a nice roast beef sandwich waiting for me in the fridge right now, in fact. Would it be bad to have it for breakfast?

I think animals should not be mistreated. But they are not human.

I like to visit zoos. I think they serve a rehabilitative and educational purpose.

I love animals, but I don’t rescue every stray I see.

I kill bugs in my house, but capture snakes that slither their way into my abode, and I set them free.

I hate to see land stripped for more subdivisions and shopping malls, but we buy cut Christmas trees.

My point is, I think, balance–hopefully not hypocrisy. When, in Genesis 1:28, God told us to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it. He really gave us management over all that He had made. And, like managers in industry, we can either prosper or run what is our responsibility into the ground.

I’m not a fanatic, believing that animals are on equal ground with humans. But good management says that I should care about those in my charge.

I turn off the water when I brush my teeth. I walk or ride my bike if the distance and task and timeframe allow it. I keep my thermostat at 82 in the summer and 68 in the winter. Do I do all that I can? Probably not. Do I do some? Yes. Do I listen to what the Holy Spirit is telling me to do? Hopefully in increasing measure.

I’d love your feedback and thoughts on this subject.

Thankful today for:
36: the beauty of creation
37. a quiet Sunday morning
38. a 20-year birthday celebration for our church