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Fairytales: A Guest Post From Instagram

My 13-year-old daughter recently posted something on her Instagram that I wanted to share. I was blown away by her words. I fixed the spelling but left the punctuation as is.

prince on horse“You know the perfect fairytale has a prince and a princess, and in the tale, the princess is in danger and the prince comes to rescue her? Well let me tell you one of those fairytales right now.

It’s about a prince, a noble, kind, and truthful prince who loved his princess very much, but his princess was in danger, she was in danger of herself, she was broken.

The prince made it his mission to help her, for even though he loved her, he could not be with her if her shattered parts were never mended.princess by hedges

He sacrificed everything to be with her, fixed her with the power of his blood, and he took her and told her to trust him, he loved her with all of his heart, and he promised her that one day, she would be his bride, and they would live happily ever after in his kingdomperfect kingdom. The End.”

Sappy teenaged-girl story? Or a truth for the ages?

He loves us. Oh, how He loves us.






photoillustrations from: imgur.com and Pinterest (2)

Why Ants Don’t Like Humans

Guest post by Morgan Reeves, age 10

One day, a woman was walking down the sidewalk when she dropped her fan. She didn’t feel it fall out of her hand, so she kept on walking, leaving the fan behind. The next day, a line of ants was walking down that same sidewalk and found the fan lying there. The ants wondered what it was. One of the ants decided to get a closer look.

“It’s rather pretty,” the ant said.

“And has lots of flowers!” said another. And in another minute, all the ants were talking about the beauty of the fan. Then they decided to take it home and make it a site-seeing place. All the ants in the entire area were awed over the amazing fan. Ants came from everywhere to see the fan because none of them had seen a fan or knew what it was. They called the fan “the flat garden,” which was the name that brought all the ants, because they had never in their life seen a flat garden.

One day, a little girl was alone, walking up and down the sidewalk, when she came across the fan.

“Oh, what a pretty fan!” she cried. She picked it up and looked at it. There wasn’t a single scratch or rip. She decided to take it home. An hour later, the ants found out that a human had taken their flat garden! They were angry, for they loved it very much. They all decided to spread the news that the flat garden was gone. Once they did, it spread out all over the world, and from then on, all but the black ants (who didn’t care) decided to bite every human they see. And that is why ants don’t like humans.

Thankful today for:

614. Creativity

615. open doors

616. a washing machine

617. for Morgan stepping out of her comfort zone this weekend

618. birdie toys