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America, The Beautiful


It’s hard to believe that we’re making our way back home. All the national sites are behind us; only scenery and the few friends with whom we’re staying lie ahead. What a whirlwind! Here’s my summation to date:

Spacious skies
Amber waves of grain
Purple mountains majesty
Fruited plains

We’ve seen horses and cows and sheep in every state, but no longhorns in Texas–only in Florida. We experienced heat and humidity in the south, blazing heat in Arizona and the So. Cal desert and a terrific rainstorm in Wyoming.

We were a little chilly in, but enamored with, the Pacific Northwest. We fished in Idaho, were awed by Yellowstone Falls and sobered by the contingent of newly graduated Army officers gathered at Mt. Rushmore. I thanked one man for his service; he thanked me for my support.

My love and appreciation for my country has grown, which makes my heart ache for the trouble in which we find ourselves.

America, America, God shed His grace on thee, and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to beautiful, shining sea.